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By Lana Guineay

Our team of journalists have travelled from outback to ocean to bring you the inspiring, the unexpected, and the most positive news stories from across South Australia.

For us, success is all about engaging with our readers – and you’ve been a supportive bunch. Whether sharing our stories on social media, clicking on emails, or checking out the latest on Brand SA News, thank you for being part of Brand SA News this year and showing your support of the state.

Here’s a look back at the top 10 stories you loved in 2017:

1. 12 words you’ll only know if you’re from SA
Fritz, stobie, pie floater… some things only make sense in SA, and our list of local lingo was a crowd favourite.

2. 22 signs you’re from SA
How many did you tick off the list?

3. SA summer in 4 minutes: watch the stunning video
21-year-old videographer Elliot Grafton spent last summer exploring the state – and the video of his adventures went viral. Find out why.

4. A Bakery in a Ghost Town
The ghost town of Farina in Outback South Australia is the last place a traveller would expect to be met with the aroma of freshly baked bread…but for eight weeks during winter, volunteers flock to Farina and fire up an old underground wood-fired Scotch oven.

5. You Know You’re From the Adelaide Hills When…
What really makes a fair dinkum Hills dweller? We investigated.

6. Sleepy Mid-North Town is Back on the Map
It suffered a population drain of more than 50% in just five years, but according to the latest Census data the small Mid North town of Brinkworth is back on track.

7. Now and Then: 11 Rare Historical Photos of Adelaide
We dug around in the State Library of SA archives to uncover some rare historical photos of Adelaide, then compared them to Adelaide today.

8. Three SA Restaurants Take Top Honours in National Awards
We all know SA has great food, and these three restaurants were named among the best in the country.

9. 11 Adelaide Bars you Might Have Missed
Seems like we love a drink! Our list of some of the new, or under-the-radar cellar doors and bars was just the thing for summer.

10. Two SA Hotels Listed in World’s Top 100
The world is buzzing about what locals already know: that South Australia is an amazing place. Two of the state’s hotels were named in the world’s top 100 – the only Australian properties to make the list. Which ones were they?

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Header image is courtesy of the South Australian Tourism Commission. Vivonne Bay on Kangaroo Island is one of the island’s most scenic attractions.

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