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By Lana Guineay

Browsing Instagram is the new window shopping, and nothing gets us more inspired than talented locals filling up our feeds. With that in mind, we’ve compiled just a few double-tappable South Australian creators.

1. Naomi Murrell 

Why: Her minimal, feminine designs have been winning fans around Australia, and her polished Instagram feed has been winning followers. Come for the pastel jewellery, scroll for the perfectly curated design aesthetic (and bunnies).

Described in three hashtags: #pastel #jewellery #inspiration

2. Emma Sadie Thompson 

Why: plant stylist – yes it’s a real job. Which you’ll probably want, once you’ve checked out this green-thumb’s botanical beauties. Bonus: she also includes plant care tips for aspirational houseplant growers.

Described in three hashtags: #green #plant #interior

3. Paolo Sebastian

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Why? Twenty-seven year old designer Paul Vasileff has made a local and international splash with his luxe couture label, designed and hand crafted in his Adelaide atelier – including being named as a finalist as Young South Australian of the Year for 2017. The label’s Instagram showcases the many reasons why: from the Oscars red carpet to the runway, expect intricate embroidery, concept sketches, and fairy-tale fashion.

Described in 3 hashtags: #couture #fashion #wedding

4. Tiff Manuell

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Why: hand painted, handmade and one of a kind –check out this Adelaide designer’s unique watercolour-inspired range of bags and accessories, and you’ll feel 100% happier, fact.

Described in three hashtags: #colour #happiness #handmade

5. Oh Deer Sugar

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Why: Oh Deer Sugar are delightfully confusing. Everything on their feed looks (and smells – trust us) edible, but this Adelaide brand is devoted to baking up body care. Vegan and handmade, their range of bath and skincare is inspired by food (the same could be said of most of us.)

Described in three hashtags: #notedible #looksdelicious #skincare

6. The Flower Nook

Why: Flowers. Enough said. If you need a few more words to convince you: these Adelaide florists create stunning arrangements – which you can nab in their sweet smelling Topham Mall store, or have delivered direct to your door.

Described in three hashtags: #floral #design #gorgeous

7. Down the Rabbit Hole

Why: When they’re not making gorgeous wine in their McLaren Vale Winery, they’re snapping gorgeous photos from around the state. Check out their beach bohemian vibes and prepare to want to quit your job and travel around the country in a van.

Described in three hashtags: #wine #travel #sunset

8. Julie White 

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Why: Say hello to Julie White and her Australiana-inspired designs. From silk scarves to wall art, the textile and print maker creates designs you’ll want on your wall, your body – and in your Instagram feed.

Described in three hashtags: #australiana #silk #art

9. Shop South Australia

Why: Shop South Australia is an exciting new project by Brand South Australia, showcasing the best local products and services in one online location, and the Instagram feed highlights some of the talented local makers involved.

Described in three hashtags:  #shopsouthaustralia  #ichoosesa #shoplocal

Love to shop local? Check out Shop South Australia.

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