May wrap: top advice for Adelaide entrepreneurs


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By Lana Guineay

Up and coming and living in Adelaide? If there’s one thing we’ve learned through our Inside Industries focus on small to medium business in May, it’s that the state has a buzzing ecosystem for start-ups.

As Australia’s first Gigcity, offering affordable high-speed Internet across innovation precincts to help entrepreneurs, as well as becoming the country’s first Lighthouse City for Innovation, Adelaide has fast-developing credentials for starting and growing business.

We asked some inspiring business leaders for their number one piece of advice for SA entrepreneurs – here’s what they said:

Daniel Spooner, Director, Dogcity Daycare: 
“Always remember why you are doing what you are doing, don’t lose sight of what your passion is, remember how fortunate you are to be doing something you love because not everyone gets to do that! Literally dream big, anything is possible and your biggest dreams can come true. We used to joke about how amazing it would be to have two, even THREE facilities, and now here we are. Nothing is off limits in Adelaide!”

Matt Hodge, Co-founder, Trailhopper:
“Adelaide is a very entrepreneurial town, so you’ll find that many business owners and freelancers are very accommodating to work together. It’s cheaper than most other cities which makes it easier to get started. It’s also continuing to go through a period of cultural change right across the state, becoming cooler and a lot more fun, opening up opportunities for new businesses.”

Sasha, Co-founder and CEO, Uniti Wireless:
“South Australia is a great environment to grow, it’s affordable, we have great support from loyal local customers, and it’s central to have our head office in Adelaide.”

Alyce Tran, Co-founder, The Daily Edited
“It doesn’t matter where you’re from, if you have the motivation to try things, that’s all you need. Adelaide is a pretty good base to start a global business from, you can market internationally from Adelaide and there are definite benefits as overheads like rent is much less than places like Sydney!”

Mary Centofanti, Director, Davroe Haircare
“Do your homework, know the industry and market you will be entering, what can you offer that market and what is unique about your product or service.  Believe in your product and most importantly in yourself.  Have a go, life is too short for what if’s and regrets. Enjoy the journey – anything is possible!”

Rebecca Wessels, Director, Ochre Dawn 
“Make the most of the access you have. You can’t do it alone. Entrepreneurs tend to be control freaks, but there is so much support when you’re first starting out, from Government training, to support organisations. You’d get lost in bigger cities, take advantage of the size and accessibility. It takes a village to raise a business, so lean on the experts!”

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