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By Sonia Bavistock

Christmas might be just around the corner, but it’s never too late to share your wish list with Santa, right?

Whether it’s small or extravagant, real or intangible, Christmas is a time for wishes. And miracles.

We asked five South Australian identities what they would like to unwrap on Christmas Day.

Here’s what they had to say…

A sleep-in would be good news for Rebecca.

Rebecca Morse

“For Christmas this year I would like my children to sleep in past 6am, open their presents slowly, then join me for a walk along the beach to Joe’s Kiosk which is donating all its Christmas Day coffee proceeds to Anglicare.

If I was to be greedy I would love some Haigh’s orange-flavoured pastilles, a bottle of Longview Nebbiolo Rosato and a frock from Acler.”

An organised house would make Pippa’s year.

Pippa Wanganeen

“All I want for Christmas is to wake up to the sound of my three little girls giggling happily outside my door!

It would also be wonderful if their laughter was accompanied with the sound of the ocean crashing outside, freshly washed and ironed outfits all ready to go, and a divine almond cappuccino brought in while I watch all the beautiful family chaos unfold.

Ideally, I would then enjoy a day of uninterrupted reading, by the pool at Halcyon House, with endless cups of Lapsang Souchong tea and Lady Alice biscuits on hand.

A voucher for Sarah Shanahan to come and help me organise my entire household for 2018. I’ve been wanting her to come since I was pregnant with my second baby (three years ago)!”

Would the old Le Cornu site be renamed Le Cosi?

Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello

“For Christmas, I want the old Le Cornu site to build my dream home on.

My favourite SA product to enjoy at Christmas would have to be a beer from the Woolshed Brewery at Wilkadene.

Christmas pudding has to be served with some Golden North ice cream and the seafood fresh from the Eyre Peninsula.”

Bree is dreaming of a lottery win.

Bree May

“All I want for Christmas is a winning scratchy ticket. Can you imagine actually winning on a scratchy? This would be the best thing ever!

A Campari soda while eating Fritto Misto and watching the summer sunset in Cinque Terre with my husband, Cory – paid for by my winning scratchy ticket of course!

My kids to actually go to bed when I tell them to.

In the absence of a scratchy windfall, I’d love a week-long holiday in Marion Bay, Yorke Peninsula – one of our all-time favourite places to chill out. Arguably some of the best beaches in SA and only three hours’ drive from the CBD.

My family and friends to be happy, healthy and all of our 2018 plans and dreams to come true!”

Kate is forecasting a sunny Christmas Day… well, she’s hoping for one.

Kate Freebairn

“All I want for Christmas is a hot, sunny day! We celebrate Christmas with a lunch at my parents’ house at Brighton, and I always look forward to a late afternoon swim at the beach with my family.

Champagne for breakfast.

Haigh’s. All of the Haigh’s. This year I was organised and did my own Haigh’s run early, which turned out to be a bad idea. I’ve eaten all of the presents.

If I’m lucky, Father Christmas might bring me some fine jewellery. I am loving everything by Adelaide label Cinquante.”

No matter what you find under your Christmas tree this year, here’s to a great day spent with loved ones and filled with love, laughter and SA food and wine.

Sonia Bavistock is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and also has her own social media management and copywriting business. Sonia is passionate about all things South Australia and can often be seen dining out with a glass of wine in hand.

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