The South Australian entrepreneur cashing in on American snorers


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By David Russell

“Cheaper than a divorce.” That’s the catch cry of a new South Australian company targeting the multi-billion dollar global snoring treatment market.

Snorer’s Friend is a device worn like a mouth guard while sleeping. It works by pushing the lower jaw forward to open the airway, meaning there is less risk of obstruction and snoring, and can moulded to fit the purchaser’s mouth.

“When you get the device you can put it in warm water, mould it to your mouth, and when it cools down it retains its shape. It’s a very simple design that is easy to use,” owner and managing director Heath Bertram told Inside South Australia.


Despite one hundred per cent of Snorer’s Friend devices being exported to the US market, Heath chose to manufacture his product in South Australia.

“It’s a great place to manufacture here in Adelaide in terms of pricing… and for recognition of quality as well, manufacturing from Australia puts us in a very strong position in the marketplace compared to manufacturing out of china for a medical product like this.”

Launched last month, Heath is anticipating a massive 2016 based on initial sales figures.

“The global sleep devices market is expected to reach $19.72 billion in the year 2017 (and) North America is the largest market.

“We’ve had strong sales in the first month of trading. We’re planning to move about 30,000 units this year. We’ve got an established brand now and a lot of units moved through the company.”

Heath wants to expand Snorer’s Friend’s sales reach and take the product to Canada and Mexico. He’ll also be opening a sales office in the US in order to target bricks-and-mortar pharmacies across the country, but the company will continue to be based in Adelaide.

“We hope to employ 10 South Australians by the end of 2016 – we currently employ two. There is a very close-knit group of young entrepreneurs and businesses working together in South Australia, we’d really like to get involved in that in a big way and help each other out.”

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