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Tea. It’s on the list at most cafes, but is generally found hidden deep underneath the more popular beverages. Slowly but surely, however, the tea scene in Adelaide is growing, thanks in large part to one little tea company.

Meet Jane Burke. She’s the face of Wildfire Organic Tea, based in the beautiful country town of Mount Compass on the Fleurieu Peninsula. She’s bright, her personality is infectious and she’s very passionate about what she knows best – tea. Jane was employed full time in a comfortable government job for years but the nine-to-five lifestyle was getting her down. So she took a huge, exciting leap, into something she had dreamed of doing for years as she sat behind her desk. That dream was to blend tea. Her colleagues thought she was crazy, but she was determined. She knew Adelaide had a bit of a tea scene but she wanted something more; she wanted people to start getting as excited about tea as they do about coffee.

Jane began Wildfire Organic Tea about a year ago, making her own blends and selling them locally at markets. The first six months were more market research than anything; getting people to try the tea and find out what they would drink at home. Some blends stayed and some blends were scrapped.


Wildfire Organic Tea has blends to satisfy every taste bud, even those inclined towards the “white with two” varieties. From spicy chais to teas designed to nurse you back to good health, Wildfire Organic Tea has something you’ll fall in love with. And with witty names like “The Ginger Ninja” and “Up and At Them”, how can you not be drawn to them? Jane’s blends are all organic and use locally sourced ingredients, like strawberries from the Organic Strawberry Farm in the Adelaide Hills and honey from Flinders Ranges Apiaries. She keeps sustainability in mind and is very aware of the impact her little business has on the environment.

Last month Jane went over to Geelong, where she went to the Australian International Tea Expo to showcase her teas and what South Australia has to offer. Her divine Peace Time Tea (a rooibos blend with raw cacao, cinnamon, vanilla and rose petals) won the Golden Leaf Award for the Herbal Award Rooibos Blend; a huge achievement for her first real year in the industry.

Jane is a passionate South Australian, evident from the names she gives her teas. Her South Coast Black Tea is inspired by her hometown on the South Coast of South Australia (coincidently the tea is also sourced from the South Coast of the Indian state of Kerala). Other teas are sourced from all around the world and shipped to Jane’s little abode to be blended in her workshop. The workshop is a tea-lovers heaven – you’ll find tubs of rose buds and tea leaves and the heart warming scents of chai and star anise. I think I’ll just move in.

So what’s on the cards for Wildfire Organic Tea in the coming months? You can find their little boxes of love at several outlets around South Australia, including at Goodies and Grains in Adelaide and at Maudi and Me on the Fleurieu. The website launches in a few weeks, where you will be able to order teas straight to your door… but I still think a box of tea is worthy of a day trip to Normanville. Jane has also partnered with Jack Greens, making exclusive blends for the store that will not be available anywhere else.

You can find Wildfire Organic Tea on Facebook and Instagram.

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