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By Sonia Bavistock

There’s a saying that’s been floating around recently: “people don’t buy from businesses – they buy from people.”

And so, with the brand new Shop South Australia up and running, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to shine a spotlight on the people behind the local brands and businesses you can shop from on the purely SA online marketplace.

The first maker we’d like you to meet is Kyrie from Kindred Self.

A former graphic designer turned counsellor, Kyrie had the “strong inkling” that one day she would work in “some kind of healing modality”.

Kyrie was first introduced to essential oils 15 years ago when her specialist informed her that she had breast cancer – and handed her a tissue infused with lavender oil.

From there, the connection to essential oils became stronger and, fast forward 12 years, Kyrie set out to create her own range of essential oil products.

Kyrie, left, with her one of the handmade essential oil products.

How did the idea for Kindred Self come about?
After completing my formal counselling studies, I reflected on my personal experience of using essential oils for emotional support when I had cancer, and all of a sudden, the connection between counselling and aromatherapy seemed so obvious to me. And so, in a very organic way, the Kindred Self product range for self-care came to be.

What sets Kindred Self apart?
As a counsellor, my point of difference is how openly I connect with people by sharing my passion for oils, my life and personal insights. I often find myself at markets or in the shop having deep conversations and the essential oils are the gentle segue for this to happen. Feeling supported and heard is a big part of the Kindred Self experience.

What do you love most about being based in South Australia?
Adelaide is the perfect place for small start-ups, especially if you benefit from a bit of old-fashioned marketing such as ‘word of mouth’!

What have been some highlights for Kindred Self so far?
The biggest highlight is watching my little business grow – literally. When I first started, I leased a vestibule of an old church hall in Croydon. From there I moved into my shopfront in Grange. In October, I move into a much larger space in Port Adelaide, which feels extremely grown up!

Another highlight is witnessing my customers resonating with what my business is all about. My products are ‘heart crafted’ in small batches – a lot of time and love goes into what I do, and that energy is felt by many who come into contact with Kindred Self. I receive so much support and positive feedback from the community, which is so encouraging for me.

Kyrie outside her shopfront in Grange.

What’s next for Kindred Self?
Quite a lot actually! I’m about to setup a new workspace in Port Adelaide called Urban Wellness. This space will be HQ to Kindred Self, but also a shared space for likeminded wellness practitioners. The space will be a haven to connect, share, cultivate, heal and be well.

I’m also about to launch a spring/summer workshop series focusing on creative self-care, which will run at a few locations around Adelaide from October to February, and I’m developing some new products to launch in the new year.

Connect with Kindred Self on Facebook and Instagram.

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