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By Lauren Hermon

Much of Scott Boocock’s success comes from taking an idea and acting on it.

So, the South Australian businessman and innovator knew the next step was simply to get started when he set out to create the dual-hook design Hegs pegs which hang multiple garments at one time to save space on the clothesline.

Now with Scott’s South Australian designed and manufactured Hegs product shipped worldwide, “turning ideas into actions” is something he does well.

So much so, it’s become the tagline of his first book, Scott Boocock – The Aussie Innovator, which launches at Openbook Howden Print and Design in St Marys tonight (June 22).

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Former Shark Tank contestant and South Australian entrepreneur, Scott Boocock, launches his first book

“The book started as an autobiography for the family. I thought it would be good for the kids to one day read and know what their dad did,” says Scott, whose Hegs pegs idea first appeared on Channel Ten’s Shark Tank last year.

But, while writing the book, Scott realised much of the information was business advice and insights which would be helpful to aspiring entrepreneurs.

It’s not your usual, everyday reading.

The book uses augmented reality technology where you download the smartphone app Blippar, scanning certain pages where you will see videos and images “come to life”.

“I shot nine videos and placed them strategically throughout the book. Readers can then scroll their phone over the book and colour videos of myself pop out of the page and I’ll talk about about some of the things written in the book,” Scott says.

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Scott’s Hegs pegs are now shipped worldwide

He says more than 90 per cent of people have an idea, but never do anything with it.

Scott’s ‘take home’ message is simple.

“I want people to realise that if a bloke like me can take a peg with a hook and make it into an international brand, then imagine what they can do with their idea.

The book was written, edited, proofread, designed and produced in South Australia, including the filming and application of the augmented reality.

The entire project was managed by South Australian printers, Openbook Howden Print & Design.

Always the ‘ideas man’, Scott will launch three new Hegs products in the next three months, including the light-weight Hegs Eco Dry Clothesline with an embedded line tensioning system which extends up and down for people in wheelchairs or those living in smaller apartment buildings.

A public book launch of Scott Boocock – The Aussie Innovator will be held at Openbook Howden Print and Design (2-14 Paul Street, St Marys) tomorrow (June 23) from 10am. 

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