Sass Place: Australia’s first co-working space for women


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By Glynn Jones. Photo by Jessica Kaucz from Mapleberry Photography

South Australia has always been a place of firsts. We were the first state to introduce voting for women, and the first in which women could stand for election to parliament. South Australia had the first girl’s high school in Australia and Dr. Laura Fowler became the country’s first female surgeon when she graduated from the University of Adelaide. We can add a new first to that list; Sass Place in Parkside is the first co-working space built for women, by women.

Sass, which is home to some 25 professional women, is the brainchild of Carly Thompson-Barry. The fitness entrepreneur had been working from home for five years and, having added motherhood to the mix, needed a change. She wanted to separate her home and business lives, and with that her second child was born; Sass Place.

Sass is a collaborative space built on the notion of offering a comfortable and professional workspace that is nurturing, inspiring and flexible. It is the first co-working space set up to meet the specific needs of professional women.

“Co-working is something people should try, It’s hard to imagine the benefits until you experience them,” Carly told Inside South Australia.

“Sass Place is more than just a place to come and work, it’s a real community, a network of support and a safe place to land.”

The Crèche at the Sass Place co-working space for women.

The Crèche at the Sass Place co-working space for women.

Having recently celebrated their first anniversary, Sass Place is growing from strength to strength. They have helped new businesses form and old businesses be revitalised, and have provided an environment where dreams and ideas become realities.

NM Arts Graphic Artist Nikki Munn is a permanent co-worker at Sass Place. “Sass Place has offered me a great working environment and has removed the feelings of isolation I had while working at home. It has enabled me to stay focused and there is always someone to bounce ideas off and help me through any hurdles,” She said. 

“As a start-up, Sass Place and its community has given me the support, encouragement and confidence to push me out of my comfort zone and I now have a business that is thriving!”

Tenants are able to use co-working desks on a month-to-month basis or set up a more permanent office. Sass offers mentoring and support, a place for coffee catch-ups and rooms for more serious meetings. It offers all the benefits of owning a building without the risks associated with long-term leases or large financial commitments.

New mothers are also looked after at Sass Place; an on-site crèche offers mothers – especially those breast feeding – a more flexible work environment that makes the transition from stay-at-home mum to working mum that bit easier.

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