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By Lauren Ferrone

Christmas pudding may be a festive favourite worldwide, but South Australia’s unique take on the traditional dessert is a winner – and the proof is in the pudding… literally.

South Australian ice cream maker Golden North‘s limited edition Christmas Pudding ice cream is selling fast at Foodland in the lead up to Christmas day.

Developed at Golden North’s Laura headquarters in the State’s mid north, the ice cream pudding uses more than 90 per cent of locally sourced ingredients and real fruit pieces.


Ivy Lee, Golden North’s brand manager, says each product produced is designed to create “consumer excitement”.

“We’re always wanting to innovate our products, and we didn’t have any product that was specific to Christmas,” Ivy says.

“The foodie culture is very on trend in South Australia, with consumers constantly looking for new things to try. With Christmas pudding popular during this time of the year, we came up with the idea to create a pudding ice cream,” she adds.

Golden North started trialling flavour profiles, using real fruit pieces, raisins, fruit peels and syrups in its latest product.

“The ice cream base is rum and raisin and we then mixed it with the Christmas pudding flavours. Feedback reveals it tastes exactly like Christmas pudding – except cold and refreshing,” Ivy says.

“We believe it’s a first in Australia and is ideal for our hot Christmases,” she adds.

From South Australian diary farmers’ milk and cream to Brighter‘s packaging design, Golden North’s Christmas Pudding Ice Cream is just another example of a strong State partnership.


Golden North’s Christmas Pudding Ice Cream was developed at its Laura headquarters in the State’s mid north

Golden North’s latest product is a co-branded project with Foodland.

Foodland CEO, Con Sciacca, says Golden North is a long-standing supplier of South Australian premium quality foods to the supermarket.

“We are confident our shoppers will get behind this initiative, and it would be no surprise if these products quickly sold out,” he says.

The iconic supermarket brand has also collaborated with Barossa Fine Foods, exclusively selling its premium Christmas hams through Foodland’s 118 supermarkets across the State.

Golden North Christmas Pudding Ice Cream is also sold exclusively at Foodland.

Golden North’s top 5 tips to getting your hands on a Christmas Pudding Ice Cream…


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