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By Lana Guineay

What do you get when you put leading entrepreneurs, successful start-ups and keen professionals together in the heart of Adelaide?

Answer: the five days of non-stop learning, networking, and hash-tagging that is Entrepreneurs Week. While the program comes to a close today, if you weren’t able to make it, we’ve compiled a list of some of the weeks’ pearls of wisdom.

Here are just a few things seen and heard at Entrepreneurs Week 2017:

1. It kicked off with some big ideas (and coffee)

“Many people falsely assume that entrepreneurs start companies to try and get rich. Almost no entrepreneur goes through the hell of starting a company thinking they can try and get rich. Often I think I should have become a lawyer – I’d be making a lot more money already with a steadier pay check. But entrepreneurs start businesses because they want to change something, because they want to do something better. And that’s very powerful.” – Suzi SosaCEO Verb and Don Dunstan Thinker in Residence  

2. One of the hottest topics? Social entrepreneurism  

“How do we take the best of business and the best of charity to do more? That is what has led to the birth of the social entrepreneur movement. ‘Social entrepreneurs’ according to me are people who put social impact and financial return on at least equal footing.” Suzi Sosa   

3. The journey will be hard…but stick with it

“What are the traits an entrepreneur brings to the city? We know that you have that incredibly important but underestimated quality of perseverance, you keep going, most people when they get to about 90% sometimes just chuck it in. They give up. You keep going. Sometimes it’s that extra 10% right at the end that gives you the edge, gives you the break through.” – The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Martin Haese    

4. SA is home to a thriving entrepreneurial scene …past and present

“Innovation is really in the DNA of the existence of South Australia. South Australia was conceived by entrepreneurs…In 2017 innovation, risk taking and seeking new horizons remains very much at the heart of the South Australian story.” – Jay Weatherill, Premier of South Australia

  5. Entrepreneurs have their own lingo      

6. Collaboration is everything

7. Some parting thoughts…

“One of the thing Entrepreneur’s Week is about is celebrating entrepreneurial behavior. A lot of people who add an incredible amount of value to this city and this State wouldn’t necessarily identify as entrepreneurs,(but) they are the people who are making a real difference.” Paul Daly, entrepreneurship and Innovation advisor, City of Adelaide

Small failures lead to great success. – The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Martin Haese.

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