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By Ian Williams

Yvette Braithwaite-Bragg is a firm believer in following her passions – and if that involves uprooting from interstate to launch an online homeware business in Adelaide with little IT experience, then sobeit.

These passions include South Australia’s lifestyle and sophisticated arts culture, as well as handcrafted Australian homeware products.

Yvette was General Manager of the Australian Festival of Chamber Music, staged annually in Townsville, North Queensland, when the idea for a specialist online homeware store took seed.

“I was collaborating with other arts organisations not involved in the music space and had strong associations with some very innovative artists, and I just loved what they were doing,” says Yvette.

“At the same time my family wanted to return to Adelaide. Although we’re from Queensland we’d lived in Adelaide for three years from 2002 and it really left a strong mark. We just think South Australia is a wonderful place and loved living here.”

Yvette made the sea-change move to Adelaide in 2011 with her musician husband Tave Bragg and their 19-year-old artist daughter Ruby.

Her new business Ruby Red Star was launched on Australia Day 2015 as it tied in perfectly with her mantra, ‘Australian made for Australian homes’.


Gold Love Heart Ring Holder from the Ruby Red Star online store

The site is filled with an eclectic mix of handcrafted items made by local artisans and designers. Yvette works closely with the artists and also collaborates on some of the designs.

“It was a steep learning curve because I had very little IT experience but now I can just about build a website, which is amazing,” she says.

“I have a close relationship with emerging designers and actively support small and boutique production runs of creative and stylish homewares. I really love working with these people.”


Cotton Rope Trivet from the Ruby Red Star online store

Yvette is originally from a wine marketing and event management background and is still actively involved in planning social and corporate functions through her business, Event Design Market, which she also launched two years ago.

The Ruby Red Star range can also be viewed on the company’s websiteFacebook and Instagram pages.

Featured Image: Photography of Yvette Braithwaite-Brag by Nick Clayton 

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