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Mick and Sally Sanders wanted to create a product people could be proud to “pull out of their fridge”.

It’s partly the reason the South Australian yoghurt producers at MOO Premium Foods are now introducing a fresh new look and line of products following a national distribution deal.

It is the first time MOO has changed its logo and packaging in a decade.

The new brand features a simple black logo and colour blocked tubs for a clean, minimal and contemporary feel.

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MOO has introduced a fresh new look and line of products following a national distribution deal

MOO founders, Mick and Sally (pictured in headline image), say the rebrand and refreshed product range is a timely and positive step in the company’s journey.

“For us now, it’s all about simplicity. If you’ve got a good thing, you don’t need to over complicate it; the product should speak for itself,” Mick says.

The new look and range is now available nationally at Coles for the first time.

“We’re so excited to share our product with the rest of Australia and highlight the great food production industry we have here in South Australia,” Mick says.

“Our product has gone really well in South Australia and that is what has given us the confidence to go further afield,” he adds.

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MOO founders, Mick and Sally (pictured with their four daughters), say the rebrand and refreshed product range is a positive step

Local independent supermarkets, Romeos, Chapleys and Drakes, will continue to support MOO by also stocking the new range.

“Our local independent supermarkets have played a new huge role in MOO’s journey and, as the brand grows, we will continue to emphasise our South Australian ties,” Mick says.

The new flavours offer a more gourmet twist with modern combinations, including fresh milk sourced from 14 dairy farms across the State.

“If you look at how the market has evolved, consumers do want flavour profiles that are a little more complex and gourmet. From a point of difference, if 10 brands have mango, why do we want to be the eleventh one?”

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The new MOO flavours offer a more gourmet twist with modern combinations

Some of the new MOO flavours include: Blood Orange and Passion Compote; Boysenberry and Super Acai; and Sticky Apple and Organic Honey; as well as a new, natural Greek-style yoghurt.

The rebrand has also seen MOO double its staff with the expansion of their Glynde factory, which includes an investment of $1.3 million worth of production equipment, including a second cool room, packing room and additional office space.

The new MOO brand and product range is now available at independent and Woolworths supermarkets in South Australia and Coles nationally.

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