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By Lauren Hermon

A group of quirky musicians didn’t want the summer festival fun in Adelaide to disappear, so they’ve formed a ‘club’ you can join in winter where membership isn’t ‘exclusive’.

In fact, if you love local art and music, then you’re welcome to join. If coconuts are your ‘thing’, then that’s just a bonus.

Newcomer to the Adelaide music scene, Indie-folk four-piece band, The Coconut Kids is behind the latest pop-up music festival called ‘The Coconut Club’ to be hosted at the EcoCaddy Warehouse on Wright Street in a couple of weeks.

The band’s “over-excited love” for Adelaide and music led to the pop-up festival concept.

“We love Adelaide and we get so excited in summer with so many festivals on,” says Ashlee Randell, lead singer and co-founder of The Coconut Kids. “But, we want people to love Adelaide in winter as well,” she adds.

The band’s latest venture to transform Adelaide’s winter scene with its Coconut Club pop-up music festival is a big step from their early beginnings.

The Coconut Kids started with just two – Ashlee and her ‘jam session buddy’ Julian Ferguson, who plays the uke, violin, guitar and mandolin. The band grew from there, adding Eamonn Burke on bass and Miranda Corbett on trumpet.

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Introducing The Coconut Kids: Ashlee Randell; Miranda Corbett; Julian Ferguson; and Eamonn Burke.

You could say it was Ashlee’s grandma who gave the group their ‘big break’.

“She got in contact with me about a bible society fundraiser and asked if I wanted to come and sing a song… it ended up being our first gig where we played to a bunch of 80 year olds,” she laughs.

But, if you think Coconut Club’s pop up music festival will be the ‘next Stereosonic’, think again.

“What’s special about this festival is the intimacy and friendships between people,” Ashlee says.

“Some of the magic can be lost when you take things over a certain size. None of us are that keen for fame and fortune… we just want to be able to write and play great local music.”

The band will collaborate with Splash Adelaide, an organisation bringing the city’s streets and spaces to life through a series of community run urban experiments intended to increase the vibrancy and vitality of the city.

“They have access to amazing spaces that are dynamic, but abandoned and under-utilised which we can use as potential venues for future Coconut Club festivals,” she says.

Blog508px - Coconut Kids 2

The band’s Coconut Club pop-up music festival gives new fun to winter in Adelaide

As for the name, Ashlee says they found inspiration from the “horrendous and terrifying” coconut crab which lives on the Pacific Islands.

“I thought we had better call ourselves something, so I just started ‘googling’ one day,” she laughs.

The Coconut Club pop-up music festival will be held at EcoCaddy Warehouse (174-176 Wright Street, Adelaide) on Sunday, 5 June, from 2:30pm to 7:30pm.

Local brewery, Pirate Life, and McLaren Vale winemakers, Alpha Box & Dice, are also supporters of the festival.

Tickets to Coconut Club’s pop-up music festival available at

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