Funded program to build leaders of the future in Adelaide’s northern suburbs


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By David Russell

Business leaders from Adelaide’s northern suburbs have been given a unique opportunity to broaden their skill set, with applications now open for a funded accelerator program aimed at driving growth in the area.

The Northern Leaders Edge Program will take 20 participants through a course designed to develop an entrepreneurial approach to doing business.

Heather Gryst, Marketing Manager at The Leaders Institute of South Australia, which runs the program, told Inside South Australia that the course will help participants gain new perspectives on how to tackle challenges they face within their businesses.

“The aim is to assist northern business leaders in networking and building adaptive leadership skills which allows them to be flexible, think outside the square, promote creativity and create collaborative workplaces,” she said.

“We want to break down the silos… so perhaps if you work in manufacturing, rather than sticking with manufacturing and seeing the next business as a competitor, you can become a collaborator and you can also take away challenges from other businesses and apply them to your own.”

The Leaders Institute of South Australia has secured funding for the program from GM Holden, who will cover half the cost of the course for each participant. The group will be made up of 10 CEOs or business owners and 10 senior or emerging leaders, selected from the pool of applicants.

“You don’t have to be at really senior management level, but a manager or leader at some level. You might be a community leader with an idea, a small business or not-for-profit, or a startup,” said Heather.

“Leaders will meet for a series of monthly sessions led by an experienced leadership development expert. It’s about being willing and open to share and collaborate.”

Leaders who work or do business in the Port Adelaide Enfield, Salisbury, Playford and Gawler council areas are eligible to apply. The program coincides with the State Government’s Northern Economic Plan, to be released later in the year, which looks to grow and diversify industry in the region and create jobs.

Heather hopes the program goes some way towards addressing issues around unemployment in the northern suburbs over the next five years.

“Unemployment… can have a ripple effect and can create stigma. There are a lot of great businesses out there; there are a lot of skilled people out there… it’s really about the challenge of finding solutions.”

The Northern Leaders Edge Program will run February to November 2016. Those interested in participating are encouraged to apply ASAP; positions are expected to be filled by early December. For more information visit the Leaders Institute website.

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