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By Lauren Ferrone

Life on the run can be tough; that’s when you’re most likely in need of a hug – or you could just stick to coffee.

Helping people beat the rush of everyday life, South Australian retailer, On The Run (OTR), has released its first smartphone app to give customers the ability to pre-order coffee and have it ready for collection when they arrive at their selected OTR store.

Customers can choose their pick up time which helps work out the right timing for when someone pre-orders their coffee using Google and other location capabilities.

Brendon Hore, OTR chief information officer, says the free app allows customers to pre-order their coffee from home; “clicking and collecting” their coffee without ever having to queue.

“The OTR brand is very much about trying to make life easy for our customers and improving their experience,” he says.


The free OTR app allows customers to pre-order their coffee from home, “clicking and collecting” their coffee without having to queue

The next six months will see the rollout of new app features, including an innovative way to pre-order and purchase fuel.

Brendon and the rest of the OTR team has been testing the app for the past 10 weeks.

“A lot of testing has gone into the app to make sure it’s perfectly timed. Over the past few weeks, 10,000 orders have been made,” he says.

“We’ve used the location services technology to determine how long it takes to travel to the store location of choice, and having that coffee made before you arrive. Each test has has accurate timing, but we’ll forever work to improve the app and its features.”

The end result is all about “living up to the promise of making life easier” for customers.

“It’s about ensuring we’re doing things that add relevance for our customers – and there’s the underlying expectation that customers want to use their phones for more things in their everyday lives,” he adds.


The innovative move is another way the company is living up to the promise of “making life easier” for customers

The OTR app also gives customers ‘Buy 4 Get 1 Free’ loyalty rewards across all OTR food brands, including Subway, Aporto and Wok in a Box, and others.

During the 18-month-long project, OTR and local marketing agency, The Distillery, collaborated to create the app – from inception to the build.

WiFi is also being rolled out in all 135 South Australian OTR sites, and is expected to be completed in the next couple of months.

Download the OTR app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for both iOS and Android smartphones.

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