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By Melissa Keogh

Self-taught cheesemaker Kris Lloyd is celebrating the next milestone in her business Woodside Cheese Wrights which is now exporting to the USA.

The Adelaide Hills cheesemaker’s first shipment has landed and is being distributed to major cities including New York, California, Boston and Connecticut.

“It’s taken quite some time and reams of paperwork, but we are finally able to get the shipment across the line and we are thrilled,” says Kris.

“It’s incredible to see stores in the US on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posting about our cheeses.”

Kris’ renowned Monet flower cheese has already made its way to the Big Apple with new packaging that extends the product’s shelf life from two weeks to six.

The Lemon Myrtle Chévre, Saltbush Chévre and the Artisan Buffalo Persian Style Feta are also hitting the shelves.

Stores stocking the 100% SA-owned cheeses include Plum Plums Cheese in Pound Ridge, New York, which Kris says sold out of Monet as soon as it arrived.

Woodside Cheese Wrights CEO Kris Lloyd with the famous State Brand shaped Monet. Photo by James Knowler / JK+Crew.

Woodside Cheese Wrights products can also be spotted at Bishop’s Orchards Farm Market in Connecticut and Hudson Valley Connect in New York.

With follow up orders already in the system, the Woodside cheese factory is preparing to send its second shipment.

Kris says there has been particular interest in Woodside’s native cheese range, which she has been producing for more than a decade with ingredients such as saltbush and lemon myrtle.

“It makes me realise, once again, that we should not take for granted what we have in our own backyard,” she says.

“This is something they don’t have so we can truly be competitive and give the distributor we are dealing with a point of difference to add to their portfolio.

“We are also working on trying to get Anthill – a goat cheese covered in Australian native green ants – to the US as well, as there is so much interest in that cheese.”

The Anthill caused a buzz among foodies in 2016 when it came 11th in a line-up of more than 3000 cheeses from all over the world at the World Cheese Awards.

Kris Lloyd was among the international judges.

Fellow judge Stephanie Ciano, who heads up the US Distribution Agency, describes Woodside cheese as “beautiful and delicious”.

“We are excited to have these lovely cheeses produced by Kris now available in the USA as they are a great representation of Australian terroir, tradition, and innovation,” she says.

Aside from her pursuits at Woodside Cheese Wrights, Kris is also behind Adelaide’s Cheesefest – an event celebrating the world of cheese – which is being resurrected in October after a three-year hiatus.

In 2017 she ran the inaugural Ferment the Festival in Rundle Park in 2017 which included not only cheese, but other fermented foods such as chocolate, bread, spirits and kombucha.

It is understood that Ferment will this year be incorporated into Cheesefest on October 27 and 28.

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