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By Melissa Keogh

Two SA born entrepreneurs will combine forces this weekend (August 19 and 20) to deliver an arsenal of social media hacks aimed at increasing businesses’ online influence.

Emma Kate Codrington and Sonia Bavistock will host Brand Confetti, a two-day workshop in the CBD, to explore the power of social media and how to navigate the online world.

After a few years of living and breathing social media, the women now have a combined following of more than 100,000.

Emma Kate, a designer and travel influencer, is the chief of stationary and lifestyle brand Emma Kate Co.

Sonia is a lifestyle blogger at Sonia Styling and chief storyteller of social media management and copywriting business, Scribe+Social.

Brand Confetti will share social media and online tips and tricks.

Brand Confetti will share social media and online tips and tricks.

On Saturday, August 19, the ladies will share tips on having a strong online business presence and will also cover all things Facebook and Instagram.

On Sunday, August  20, a half-day workshop will explore the art of hand lettering, photography tips, editing tricks and how to create engaging social media content.

Sonia built up her social media following of more than 35,000 “slowly and steadily” over the past four years.

She says social media gives businesses a chance to tell their brand story, engage with customers and create brand loyalty.

“The key is to be on the social media platforms your customers are using, to post good quality content frequently and to be timely when responding to your audience,” she says.

Brand Confetti is also being held in Melbourne, where Emma Kate is currently residing.

Her story involves travelling and working around the world before eventually returning to Adelaide to truly find her feet.

Emma Kate and Sonia have a combined social media following of more than 100,000.

Emma Kate and Sonia have a combined social media following of more than 100,000.

Emma Kate says she couldn’t have launched Emma Kate Co, which produces notebooks and diary planners, anywhere else than Adelaide.

“I felt very held and very supported every step of the way and I’ve really leveraged what Adelaide has and made that work,” she says.

Emma Kate, who has an Instagram following of almost 72,000, says the key to nailing the platform is ensuring quality content.

“People are on Instagram to be inspired and to escape into a world,” she says.

“You can bring a real dreamy kind of ethereal, wanderlust – that’s what I try to do anyway.”

What: Brand Confetti

When: Saturday, August 19, business and social media workshop. Sunday, August 20, creative workshop. (Participants can choose to attend one or both workshops.)

Where: Austin Bloom, Flinders Street, Adelaide.


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