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By Melissa Keogh

Thousands of beer and cider appreciators will descend upon the Adelaide Showground this weekend to knock the top off some of the best SA, Australian and international brews.

The crowd-pleasing Adelaide Beer and Barbecue Festival is on from July 28–30, featuring South Australia’s largest assembly of brewers and cider makers.

The three-day festival captures the best of both worlds – beers and barbecues.

The three-day festival captures the best of both worlds – beer and barbecues.

Up to 15,000 people are expected to attend.

Festival organiser Marc Huber says more than 60 beer and cider brands will feature in the main beer hall, while the ‘IPA Soundsystem’ will have 20 rotating taps of beer, some of which have never been on tap in Australia.

While the event is recognised as a barbecued meat fest, vegan chef Shannon Martinez will turn heads by joining the festival’s line-up of Australian and international chefs.

Shannon, of all-vegan restaurant Smith & Daughters in Fitzroy, is not a vegan, but says it gives her an edge.

“Many people believe veganism is a trend, that all vegan food tastes the same, boring way and, above all, that it is uncreative, not filling and lacks flavour,” she says.

“I like to turn that on its head.”

Beer and Barbecue Festival will offer a plethora of brews and smoky fare.

The Beer and Barbecue Festival will offer a plethora of brews and smoky fare.

The Beer and Barbecue Festival is split into four sessions across the weekend and is bound to have the beers pouring and barbecues sizzling!

Friday On My Mind, $35, July 28 5pm–midnight
The festival kicks off on Friday night with the Royal Adelaide Beer and Cider Awards.
Brewers and producers across the country are vying for top prize and most winners will have their brews on hand to slurp! The main stage will also be pumping with live acts.

Saturday Beer Geek, $35, July 29 11am–5pm
Passionate beer drinkers can relish in masterclasses, a Q&A with brewers and chefs, and the Brewers Feud (similar to Channel 10’s Family Feud).


Saturday Rock ‘n’ Roll, $40, July 30 6pm-midnight
Keep the beers flowing while taking in a ripper main stage line-up including Regurgitator, Mane, Siamese and the Music SA and Beer Band Competition winner.

Sunday Session, $25, 11am–6pm.
This Sunday won’t be for resting, with a jam-packed line-up of beer and barbecue frivolities including the Up In Smoke barbecue competition, a hot dog eating contest and a ‘dad bod’ wet t-shirt competition.

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