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Two Adelaide women have combined their passion for event management and the arts to build the company behind some of the biggest parties in South Australia.

Bespoke is a partnership that has attracted an impressive suite of clients. The duo has created high end events for the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Adelaide Festival of Arts, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Arts SA, Backwater Blues and Roots Festival, Bank SA
Feast Festival, Melbourne Festival, the State Library of South Australia, and Tasting Australia, to name just a few.

They’ve also earned glowing praise from some of the biggest names in the industry. Kate Ceberano, Artistic Director of Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2014, described the team at Bespoke as the Nes plus Ultra in hospitality.

“You think it… and they’ve already done it! I’m amazed at the energy and responsibility Peta-Anne has… and her self-dignity and professionalism is an inspiration!” She said after working with Bespoke.

“If everyone in hospitality had just one ounce of her (Peta-Anne’s) charm the wheels of society would turn with a little less drama! I love her and her girls to bits! They make me look good (which is always an added benefit).”

Between them, Bespoke business partners Peta-Anne Louth and Jacinta Warnest have 40+ combined years of hospitality experience.

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But the key to their success is their staff. Bespoke is all about employing and providing staff who are the right fit for each event, and that means not just professional training, but personality as well. Peta-Anne and Jacinta set out to find hospitality staff who could bring a little something more than the traditional catering staff. As a result a great deal of the Bespoke team consists of local artists, including dancers, cabaret performers, actors, burlesque performers, clowns, producers and musicians.

“From the moment you step into that venue, you are immersed in the arts!” Peta-Anne said.

Bespoke are able to provide event services on a variety of different levels, whether that be front of house or food and beverage staffing for your event, consultancy to help you get it right, hosting to add that extra touch of glamour and finesse, or entire Event Management.

“Our focus is on getting it right, from beginning to end, in a way that works for the client and results in a memorable and successful event,” Jacinta explains.

While both Peta-Anne and Jacinta are both very much the driving force behind Bespoke, their separate interests mean the business is constantly developing in two distinct areas. Peta-Anne is the self-proclaimed Madame Hostess and her focus is on building the upper echelon of the Bespoke experience, ensuring VIPs, artists and brands are supported and promoted to the utmost degree. Jacinta’s background and passion is in food and wine, meaning she is constantly developing and creating new and unique experiences to showcase SA’s excellent produce. And in every event Bespoke is involved in you can be guaranteed to find a lean to the theatrical!


They launched Bespoke in 2011 after separately being approached to run the same Fringe Venue. Peta-Anne and Jacinta saw a gap in the market –providing bar and catering services for the Arts where the Arts take the profit. Having strong connections within the arts sector, they felt it could be the perfect business for them.

They pair love the culture of collaboration that exists in South Australia and Adelaide, and believe the size of Adelaide makes it much easier to connect with others in the industry.

“Adelaide is in a wonderful growth phase right now and has a certain level of vibrancy,” Peta-Anne said.

Bespoke works out of The Mill, a co-working space launched to fill a need for artist studios, artistic development opportunities and public events in South Australia.

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