Award winning food writer Christina Soong reveals her favourite winter ingredient


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For South Australian writer, recipe developer, food stylist and photographer Christina Soong, winter means lazy nights in front of a warm fire, cuddles on the lounge and rhubarb.

The long crimson-stalked vegetable with its tangy and tart taste first captured Christina’s attention while living in the United Kingdom.

“When I was living in Leeds, one of my workmates invited me to her home for dinner and she made rhubarb crumble on the spot… it was so simple and amazing,” Christina said.

“I’d never eaten it before. It’s not something mum or dad cooked at home for us.”

Food writer Christina Soong.

Food writer Christina Soong.

Christina’s Malaysian-born dad and Hong-Kong born mum met, married and raised Christina and her brother in Adelaide. Inspired by her parents’ love of food, Christina says she grew up eating BBQ, casseroles and fritz sandwiches as often as she ate stir-fries, noodles and curries – but no rhubarb.

Christina's rhubarb pots.

Christina’s rhubarb pots.

Rhubarb has since featured several times on Christina’s blog, The Hungry Australian, which last year earned the Best Australian Blog 2014 and Best Food Blog 2014 in the Australian Writer’s Centre’s Best Australian Blogs competition.

“It’s probably a little old fashioned but whenever I do use it in a recipe it gets plenty of positive feedback… I think it’s one of those ‘quiet favourites’ for a lot of my readers,” she said.

“It’s awesome in a crumble or dessert but I also stew it and have it with my porridge in the morning and I’ve also made it into little individual pots with stewed rhubarb and apple, yoghurt and toasted muesli – they’re good at any time of the day.

“It can definitely be very tart so sugar is a must when stewing them… the sugar just helps to bring out its best.”

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