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By David Russell

Coffee pod machines are fast becoming a staple of both home and office in Australia, taking good coffee to the masses and generating huge sales along the way. Local company PODiSTA capitalised early, offering lower-cost pods to consumers, but there was something missing from the equation. Machines need to be cleaned, and Adelaide company Cafetto have the perfect solution, or rather tablet, to do it.

It’s called the Clean Bean, and it’s set to take Cafetto revenue, and staff numbers, to a new level. Marketing Manager Stacey Anderson told Inside South Australia that while there are competitors in the market, Clean Bean has a distinct advantage.

“Our competitors only offer a solution for one type of machine,” she said.

“Clean Bean covers the majority of the capsule market with a universal tablet that clicks into a holder. Each starter pack comes with a holder to suit Nespresso, Caffitaly, Lavazza a Modo Mio and Xpressi machines. Which means whatever machine you have, Clean Bean can clean it.”



The Clean Bean is a tabet that is inserted into one of three holders and put into a machine in the same way a pod is loaded. Turn the machine on and the clean bean does the rest, improving the clarity and taste of coffee.

“You get a build up of coffee oils and residue in pod machines,” said Stacey.

“Using the Clean Bean greatly improves the taste of coffee. We recommend you use the product once a month or every 30 coffees, whichever comes first.”

The Clean Bean design recently won Object Gold at the 2015 DIA Design Award, and has been picked up by Woolworths nationally. It is sold as a starter pack – four tablets and three different types of holders – and an eight-tab refill pack. Office Works and JB Hi-Fi are up next, and distribution has been secured to make the product available in Europe. There are plans to take market share in the US, too. All that action means Cafetto is expecting strong growth, and an expanding workforce, in the next 12 months.

The Clean Bean is manufactured in the inner-Western Adelaide suburb of Brompton, with component assembly carried out by Minda. It’s also environmentally friendly; the Clean Bean is certified for organic use by the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) meaning it is free from phosphates, genetically modified organisms and harsh corrosive chemicals.

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