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By Lana Guineay

South Australian furniture maker Workspace is re-issuing a line of its most iconic pieces, first launched from the 1950s.

A lot has changed in Adelaide since the fifties. The decade saw Queen Elizabeth make her first sovereign visit to the state, Adelaide Airport open in West Beach, the Queen Elizabeth hospital open its doors, “red hen” railcars hit the tracks, and a little thing called TV start broadcasting.

It also saw the launch of the T.H. Brown Danish Bar Stool– a design that quickly became one of the most well-known and sought after mid-century pieces both nationally and overseas.

Then and now: the original sketch versus the re-made design

Then and now: the original sketch versus the re-made design

Designed and produced by Adelaide family-owned furniture manufacturer T.H. Brown, now known as Workspace Commercial Furniture, the stools are the first vintage piece to be re-made as part of their ‘Origins’ collection.

Workspace General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Tom Clark, says the coveted stool is so iconic because it’s uniquely South Australian.

“The roots of the piece track back to South Australia and continue to come from South Australia. The Danish Bar Stool was one of the mid-century pieces that highlighted the amazing quality of Australian design, nationally and internationally,” he says.

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While there are limited numbers of the original stools dating from the 1950s through to the 1970s still available, the decision to re-make the piece was driven by the high demand worldwide, says Tom, and an increased interest in sustainable,  modern materials.

“In recent years with the rise of European styling and a preference for timber products, interest in the Danish Bar Stools has increased and the rarity of original pieces has driven value upwards,” he says.

“In keeping with our commitment to our history, quality and customer requirements, the decision to re-produce a numbered series was important to maintain the value of the product and respect to its heritage.”

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Heritage is an important word at Workspace. Since its beginnings in 1911 as T.H. Brown, Workspace Commercial Furniture remains committed to local design and manufacturing. The name may have changed, and the Brown family have left the business, but the company has continued to remain proudly privately owned and headquartered in South Australia.

“Workspace is proud of our heritage,” says Tom.

“2021 will mark the companies 110th birthday, a milestone to celebrate. Between now and then, we are proud to announce our expansion into Queensland and the opening of a new Brisbane showroom.”

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The Danish Bar Stool is the first in the limited collection to be released by Workspace, bringing the original designs into the 21st century.

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