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By Melissa Keogh

As South Australia transforms away from traditional manufacturing processes, innovative and sophisticated products and services are taking their place, creating new jobs and investment opportunities for the state.

Advanced manufacturing – the process of designing, building, integrating and sustaining innovative technologies for new and improved products – is an industry underpinning SA’s future by providing access to research and development.

For the month of September, the state’s advanced manufacturing industry will be under the magnifying glass as part of Brand South Australia’s successful I Choose SA campaign.

Brand SA News will bring you a collection of articles that delve into the success of businesses progressing in emerging technologies such as photonics, nanotechnology, additive manufacturing, advanced materials and robotics.

Each month we’ll also bring you I Choose SA ambassadors who will share their triumphs, world-class innovations and thorough knowledge in their chosen fields.

This month we welcome I Choose SA ambassador Mark Fusco, founder and managing director of Adelaide-based consultancy, Advanced Focus, which is helping high tech businesses to “see the future”.

We’ll also deliver news from medical laser company Norseld, which has produced an Australian-first diamond-like carbon coating at room temperature using its laser platform CoolDiamond DLC.

The ground-breaking technology is creating opportunities for the state’s defence and aerospace industry, protecting equipment from high velocity airborne particles, seawater, engine fuels, oils and high humidity.

A robotic machine welds metal fasteners.

Aside from defence, other sectors including, software and simulation, medical devices and assistive technologies are a big part of the industry.

Our medical device manufacturers are creating products used in the best laboratories and surgeries in the world, from a gadget that removes the need for x-rays during orthopaedic surgery to technology using light to treat sleep apnoea and jet lag – it’s all happening right here.

Beyond the world of defence, medicine and additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing), more unsuspecting sectors like the food and beverage processing and packaging industry are benefiting from our technical skills base.

First up we bring you the story of longstanding local beverage manufacturer Bickford’s, which has transformed its bottling practices into a highly sophisticated and robotic process that is inspiring to watch.

These businesses aren’t alone in what they do, they’re supported by infrastructure including fast internet networks set to deliver one of the fastest and cheapest internet services in the world.

They will no doubt also rely on our city’s three world-class universities to deliver the employees of tomorrow in a range of leading innovation areas.

Brand South Australia will be hosting an Industry Briefing where guests can see how businesses have applied advanced manufacturing at the Tonsley Innovation Precinct.

High school and university students are invited to freely attend and hear from Minister for Industry and Skills David Pisoni and two industry experts.

Register for the event here.

I Choose SA for Advanced Manufacturing stories are made possible by City of Salisbury:

Visit I Choose SA to meet the people building business and industry in SA, and to find out how your choices make a difference to our state.

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