What not to do on Grand Final day – here’s our top 5


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By Cat Lever

The AFL Grand Final weekend is a very, very important weekend for South Australians this year and (aside from the obvious) there are many things that could go wrong. Here are just five.

1. Don’t burn the snags

AFL and barbecue go together like a perfectly cooked sausage in soft, white bread. Don’t ruin it.


2. Don’t be a crazy supporter

Painting your face in Crows colours is acceptable on this occasion… but nobody likes an aggressive fan. If you need to scream at the screen – keep it to a minimum.


3. Don’t organise a wedding

Grand Final day is not your day. It belongs to us all and we need to watch the football.


4. Any beers other than South Australian in the Grand Final esky

Coopers, Vale Brewing, Pirate Life, Prancing Pony… the list is extensive, there really is no other choice. Oh, and don’t forget the ice to chill said local beers! #ichoosesa


5. If you’re heading to Melbourne, don’t try to streak across the MCG

This isn’t cool anymore (was it ever?), and you will miss the game.



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