Two friends reunite through island initiative


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By Lauren Hermon

Childhood memories and a strong love for where she grew up is what led Sally Paech to create something which would always remind her of ‘home’ on the island.

The 29-year-old, who now lives in Rostrevor, developed a skincare brand OrganiQ, using ingredients sourced entirely from Kangaroo Island. She also only engages with local suppliers and stockists.

It is Sally’s island childhood best friend, Hayley, who was one of the first to proudly stock OrganiQ at her Stirling hair salon, years after the two lost contact with each other.

“The story behind OrganiQ is really beautiful; it’s about the reconnection with my childhood friend,” Sally says.

You could say it’s a brand which has come to represent far more than ‘beauty therapy’ for Sally.

Fondly reminiscing, Sally shares how she and Hayley grew up on neighbouring properties in Penneshaw on Kangaroo Island.

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Sally (left) and childhood friend, Hayley, have fond memories of growing up on Kangaroo Island

Sally and Hayley shared a unique connection – and still do, with both being adopted and going on to become independent businesswomen.

“It was by complete circumstance we both found ourselves on Kangaroo Island, living next door to one another,” Sally says.

“We’d ride horses around the paddock and talk about life and how much of a journey our parents had gone through for us… we just had a strange connection,” she adds.

It wasn’t until ‘life got in the way’ and both moved from the island that they lost contact.

Sally’s thoughts were never far from Kangaroo Island. In fact, it was her experiences as a child which gave her the inspiration to create OrganiQ.

“Growing up by the beach, my skin suffered a lot in the weather; it became really sensitive… even some of my friends on Kangaroo Island has eczema and psoriasis,” she says.

As part of the OrganiQ brand, Sally uses native Kangaroo Island Ligurian bee honey; Australian grown cane sugar; locally supplied Himalayan salt; ground cinnamon; fair trade coconut oil; and Kangaroo Island mineral salt which is hand collected by a woman along the coastline depending on what the tide is like.

Some of the OrganiQ products include a body scrub, hydrating mist, and facial elixer.

Blog508px - OrganiQ shot2

OrganiQ ingredients are sourced entirely from Kangaroo Island, with local suppliers and stockists

It was OrganiQ which saw the reunion between the childhood friends just last year.

“We reconnected at Hayley’s salon in Stirling where she started stocking my product and supporting me with moving forward… now we’re back to being just like sisters,” Sally says.

And, in some strange way, it’s almost as though the laughter of her childhood on the island follows her.

“Hayley’s salon even has our childhood horse there who is now in its mid-twenties!” Sally laughs.

Blog508px - sally and hayley

Sally (left) reunited with Hayley through the OrganiQ brand

While Sally often visits Hayley, she also always finds herself travelling the waters to Kangaroo Island at least three times each year.

“I hope the product can eventually become the face of Kangaroo Island. It speaks on a far more personal level than other products by keeping it all local,” she says.

There’s no doubt Sally’s plans for the future remain close to home.

“I’d like to move back to Kangaroo Island one day. I want the products to lead to a day spa of sorts,” she says.

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