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By Kaia Wallis

With the new Shop South Australia open for business, we thought it was the perfect time to introduce you to the makers and vendors of the purely SA online marketplace.

First, we took you behind the scenes of essential oils range Kindred Self and introduced you to Kyrie, and then you met Pauline Van Houten, the maker behind Vantler Leather.

Now, we’d like you to meet Sally Paech, the maker behind skincare range OrganiQ.

Determination and hard work are second nature to Sally Paech, a sixth-generation Kangaroo Islander who attributes much of her success to the women who raised her.

“I’ve always been surrounded by strong women and was always taught you don’t give up. It’s been embedded in me – you just keep going,” she says.

Her luxury skin care business OrganiQ uses all-natural ingredients from Kangaroo Island and South Australia to produce body scrubs, facial mists, exfoliating masks and hand creams.

The business was founded in 2016 and is the result of three-generations of female entrepreneurial spirit, dating back to Sally’s grandmother who opened one of the first free-range egg farms in SA, and the first on Kangaroo Island.

“Tough women, amazing souls,” Sally says, describing her grandmother and mother whom she attributes much of her grit to.

Although Sally now spends most of her time in Adelaide, her connection to Kangaroo Island remains strong and she aims to source as many ingredients as possible from the island.

“It just makes sense for me to buy and support local at every level, I know the purity and the vitality of the ingredients and I know how natural they are,” she says.

“Even with ingredients I can’t get from Kangaroo Island, I try and source them from local suppliers and distributors, so I know supply chain and I know their story.”

The brand’s simplicity and commitment to natural ingredients has been built around a simple question posed by Sally – ‘if you wouldn’t eat it, why would you put it on your skin?’

Some of the skincare’s key ingredients include Kangaroo Island sea salt, lavender, olive oil and honey. The honey is used for its antiseptic properties and is produced by the Ligurian bee, a species which can only be found in its pure strain on Kangaroo Island.

“Honey is an ancient ingredient, it’s anti-bacterial and because of its regenerative properties it’s incredible to put on any wounds or abrasions,” Sally says.

Sally Paech at Pasadena Foodland with OrganiQ skincare products

Growing up on Kangaroo Island left Sally with a deep understanding of natural ingredients, but her deep-dive into skin care came after being diagnosed with a thyroid disorder.

“I went through a bit of a health journey, it was a pretty critical disorder and I had to return to the island to recover,” she says.

“You see everything from paddock to plate on the island. You know where things come from, so when you see ingredients that aren’t natural you think, ‘I don’t want this on my body’.”

The luxury skin care products have already made their way to a Beverly Hills pharmacy in the USA, and Sally has plans to work closely with local and international organisations to make the business a global brand next year.

“Our mission is to empower and educate. Providing people with luxury natural skincare that serves a genuine purpose, with pure ingredients and effective formulas from one of the most pristine locations in the world,” she adds.

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