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By Le Huyen Chi (as told to Lauren Ferrone)

Hi, my name is Le Huyen Chi and I am 22-years-old.

I’m from Vietnam but, for the past month, I’ve been living and studying in beautiful Adelaide.

I am studying business administration for my degree back home. I am here as a StudyAdelaide student ambassador to see what it’s like to live and study in South Australia.

So far I’ve really enjoyed being here and have spent a lot of my time studying English at Professional and Continuing Education at the University of Adelaide.

It’s my first time in Adelaide, but not my first time in Australia. My first trip to Australia was about six years ago when I went to Melbourne, and I even travelled to Sydney just last month.

Blog508px - tafe sa

Here I am learning how to cook at TAFE SA! Didn’t burn anything, so I was happy!

If I had to pick my favourite experience here in Adelaide so far, I would say it has been my English classes. I spend a lot of my time in class with my teachers and friends.

Education here is very different to what it’s like in my country. Here, the students are more active in the way they interact with teachers and other students… it’s very interesting.

English class isn’t just about language, but learning about a new culture and new skills for yourself.

Apart from study, I’ve done quite a bit during my time here in Adelaide. I’ve visited many universities and places around South Australia.

Blog508px - chi

I have visited many South Australian universities, like the University of Adelaide

In fact, I’ve been to Hahndorf three times – every weekend! I love the buildings and architecture – and the German food! I’ve enjoyed my weekends there. I can’t believe it’s only a one hour bus trip from the city… not long at all!

Some of the other exciting things I’ve done here include tours of the rest of the Adelaide Hills, the Central Markets and Rundle Mall. I even had an afternoon tea with the Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Martin Haese.

Adelaide is a very beautiful city – it’s not like the capital in my country back home.

The traffic is not crazy here and, for a small city, a lot of things happen!

I love that it only takes me about 20 minutes maximum to go where I want!

The people are very friendly and helpful. I’ll always remember the woman at the Central Market who has now become my friend. We spoke about our countries and, the next day when I went back to the market to buy cheese, she discounted it for me! The people are so friendly and so kind.

Blog508px - le chi

Here I am in Hahndorf – again! That makes three visits in four weeks!

The StudyAdelaide program has also been amazing; it is a great opportunity for any high school or university student.

You must learn how to maintain yourself in another city, learn about Australian culture, its education system. It is an opportunity to meet other people, listen to different stories, and expand your knowledge.

I go back home to Vietnam on Sunday (September 4). I will spend weekends again with my friends and family. While I have loved it here, I do miss them.

I graduate in Vietnam in October, but look forward to coming back to Australia to study more.

And I will definitely choose Adelaide… because it is beautiful.

Le Huyen Chi beat thousands of applicants to become the first Vietnamese student ambassador for South Australia. Premier Jay Weatherill announced Le as the winner of a campaign in Hanoi in June as part of the State Government’s South East Asian Business Mission. She will soon return home to Vietnam to raise the profile of studying in South Australia. 

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