More than a Logo: 10 Reasons Why We #LoveSouthAustralia


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Do you #LoveSouthAustralia? Well so do we. It’s why we exist.

A few weeks ago we published an article ‘More than a Logo’ in The Advertiser. So many of you loved it and wanted a copy for yourselves. So, we decided to go one step further. Why not have the article and some imagery in the form of an eBook (free of course)! Almost like a collectors edition. Don’t worry, it includes the article you loved but we’ve also included:

  • Stunning imagery from around our State and our top 10 reasons why we #LoveSouthAustralia
  • The full article “More than a Logo” which featured in The Advertiser on Saturday 26 March and Tuesday 29 March 2016
  • Testimonials from some of you that read the article “More than a Logo’  and why you #LoveSouthAustralia
  • Stunning photos from around our State by five Instagrammers you need to follow
  • What you can do to show the rest of Australia (and the world)  how lucky we are to be South Australian

Show us why you #LoveSouthAustralia on social media to permit us to share across our channels. Enjoy the free eBook you proud South Aussies!

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