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By Sonia Bavistock

So, you’ve decided to call Adelaide home.

Welcome! And allow us to congratulate you on a most excellent decision.

But don’t just take our word for it – in The Economist’s Global Liveability Index 2018, Adelaide was named in the top 10 most liveable cities in the world for the seventh consecutive year.

We’re also ranked in the top 10 healthiest cities in the world.

As with all cities, ours has its own quirks, terminology and things only locals would know, so here’s your introduction to becoming an Adelaidean.

Where will I meet you?

There’s one iconic meeting place in the heart of the city that every local knows – the Mall’s Balls.

Situated in the middle of Rundle Mall, their official name is The Spheres, but no one calls them that. However, everyone meets there.

The Mall’s Balls is one of Adelaide’s most renowned landmarks and meeting places.

Late night shopping

Another thing to note about Rundle Mall – it’s open for late night shopping on Fridays. All other suburban shopping centres are open late on Thursdays.

Don’t worry, no one knows why and we often forget this fact. The Adelaide Central Market is also open until 9pm on Fridays.

Hit the mall on a Friday night before heading to dinner or drinks down one of Adelaide’s many laneways.

Don’t forget your bags

Speaking of shopping, South Australia has had a plastic bag ban in place at its supermarkets since 2009.

Yes, we’ve been bringing our own bags to the shops for nearly 10 years and the eastern states have only just jumped on board. They’ll get used to it, as will you.

Order your I Choose SA totebag at shopsouthaustralia.com.au under the South Australian merchandise tab.

Baby you can drive my car

It’s a bit of a running joke that it takes 20 minutes to get anywhere in Adelaide.

Especially if you have a car. So, if you have become a permanent resident of SA, you must transfer your exiting licence to an SA driver’s licence within 90 days.

Click here to find out more about the full requirements.

Get your driver’s licence sorted and you could be cruising around some of the state’s most picturesque landscapes, like these vineyards at Kellermeister Wines in the Barossa Valley.

Getting around on public transport

If public transport is more your speed, you’ll need a Metrocard.

You must tap your Metrocard when travelling on buses, trains and trams, at the start of your journey on an Adelaide Metro Service.

You can get one from Adelaide Metro InfoCentres, newsagents and ticket vending machines. They can be topped up online, or at the infocentres, newsagents, and convenience stores.

Click here to learn more. Adelaide’s CBD also has a number of free public transport options.

Adelaide’s trams run between the Entertainment Centre and Glenelg.

Let the music play

It’s no secret we love our live music, which is quite fitting as Adelaide is the first and only UNESCO City of Music in Australia. Adelaide has a vibrant and varied live music scene with venues hosting gigs and performances every night of the week.

Click here to find a live music venue.

A musician plays at the Grace Emily Hotel, one of the city’s well known live music venues.

We’re a festival state

What really sets Adelaide apart is its festivals. The calendar is full of them and they distinctively inhabit every corner of the city.

From the Adelaide Fringe Festival to WOMADelaide, the History Festival, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Adelaide Fashion Festival … just to name a few.

In October/November, Adelaide is also home to OzAsia, Australia’s only international festival celebrating contemporary art from Asia. The 2018 program landed recently, check out the highlights here.

Check out Adelaide’s other festivals here.

The Garden of Unearthly Delights is a magical place to be during the Adelaide Fringe, which runs from late February into March.

We love our footy

There are two main football teams in South Australia – the Adelaide Crows and Port Power.

The rivalry is real and you must pick a side. The state comes to a standstill when these teams face each other in what we call the Showdown. Told you it was serious.

This guide barely scratches the surface of everything SA has to offer, but it’s a start.

The best way to get to know our beautiful state – its food, wine, sport and lifestyle – is to get out there and enjoy it!

During a Showdown match, one end of Adelaide Oval will be covered in teal, black and white (Port), while the other in red, blue and gold (Crows).

Oh, and we we also have our own lingo!

South Australians are renowned for speaking a little bit posher than the rest of the country. Our accent has been likened to the English and South African accents.

We also use some funny words including ‘fritz’, ‘Stobie pole’, and ‘bathers’. Scrub up on your SA lingo here.

Sonia Bavistock is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and also has her own social media management and copywriting business. Sonia is passionate about all things South Australia and can often be seen dining out with a glass of wine in hand.

Visit I Choose SA to meet the people building business and industry in SA, and to find out how your choices make a difference to our state.

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