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By Melissa Keogh

Goodlife Pizza’s dedication to supporting fellow local food producers is evident in the dozen sacks of Laucke organic flour piled up in the doorway of the Hutt Street restaurant.

But the Monday lunchtime delivery is only a snippet of Goodlife’s overall commitment to choosing South Australian businesses like the 123-year-old flour mill, Laucke.

Goodlife Pizza owner Jake Greenrod has done the sums and says his two restaurants – at Hutt Street and Glenelg – use 8.4 tonnes of Laucke flour every year.

They also use 4.2 tonnes of cheese by family-owned and Adelaide-based La Casa Del Formaggio and more than 2100 litres of extra virgin olive oil by Willunga producer Diana.

And then there’s the wine.

Photo by Nick Lawrence for Broadsheet Adelaide.

It’s hard to find anything but a South Australian drop on the wine list, with Goodlife popping the corks and twisting the caps off more than 5000 bottles every year.

Jake says the local focus is a “no brainer”.

“If you buy Laucke flour, it’s a 123-year-old family business that makes that flour from SA,” he says.

“If you’re also buying local cheeses and meats, that’s where the jobs are created.

“We’re not choosing SA produce for the sake of it, the quality is there and that’s where it’s important for us in making a great quality pizza.

“Nationally and internationally South Australia is known as a quality food bowl, so it makes sense for us to use that.”

Goodlife Pizza was founded in 2003 by Jake’s two brothers Michael and Martin.

The Hutt Street restaurant was the first to open under the Goodlife name, with its homely interior and simple pizza offerings that don’t overcomplicate things.

Jake says he has always had a passion for the food sector, working as a restaurant waiter while studying winemaking at Roseworthy College in Adelaide.

But something about hospitality stuck more and so he realised a life in the wine industry wasn’t meant to be (although now he runs his own vineyard, producing wine under his Green Road label).

Goodlife Pizza owner Jake Greenrod. Photo by Nick Lawrence for Broadsheet Adelaide.

Goodlife’s pizzas are simple, yet make the most of fresh, organic produce that is, of course, local where possible.

“Pizza is something that can be done really well and it’s simple if you’ve got the right ingredients,” Jake says.

“You don’t have to use fancy techniques, it can be honest, quality food.

“We’re just trying to focus on doing pizza and that’s what we do.”

Aside from its dedication to local produce, Goodlife is also a NASAA Certified Organic Trader.

“Organic produce has become popular but not everyone goes to the effort of becoming certified because it costs money and takes time,” Jake says.

“But it means lower food miles and better pay for farmers.”

Among its most popular pizza offerings include the Barossa Valley double smoked bacon pizza with fresh pineapple and Australian-made Swiss-style cheese.

The roast organic vegetable pizza is one for vegos, stocked with pumpkin, sweet potato, beetroot, green beans, capsicum, mozzarella and parsley pesto.

Goodlife Glenelg overlooks the busy seaside strip. Photo by Nick Lawrence for Broadsheet Adelaide.

Not only have everyday South Australians been fans of Goodlife Pizza for the past 15 years, but so too have celebrities.

“We’ve been lucky enough to have quite a few famous people through, including Pink and Carey Hart, who came in quite a few years ago,” Jake says.

“Hugo Weaving was probably our very first celebrity customer. We’ve done pizza deliveries to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre for Kylie Minogue and Lana Del Ray has come and collected takeaway too.”

As for the big question on everybody’s lips: does pineapple belong on pizza?

“I like pineapple,” Jake laughs.

“It’s controversial, but I suppose you’re asking someone who puts Asian-style duck on a pizza.

“We had George (Calombaris) and Gary (Mehigan) from MasterChef in once and George was smashing down the bacon and pineapple pizza we do.”

Goodlife Pizza is located on Hutt Street, Adelaide, and Jetty Road, Glenelg.

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