5 South Australian adventure seeker activities


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Just because it has been cold and a little wet over the past few weeks doesn’t mean you can’t start to plan your spring weekends. Here are five outdoor adventures almost guaranteed to provide a welcome post winter adrenaline rush.

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1. Cave Diving on the Limestone Coast

There are thousands of caves along the Limestone Coast. Many of these are water filled caves and sink holes that host truly spectacular rock formations deep under the surface. Rated as some of the best fresh water diving in the world, they are sure to get your heart pumping. This isn’t for the beginner! You will need a scuba diving licence, cave diver training and plenty of experience to explore these South Australian wonders.

For more information, check out Adelaide Scuba

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2. MEGA Adventure Australia

There’s nothing like the high anxiety of riding a bike along a narrow path, metres above the ground! Or, for that matter, doing tributes to Miley Cyrus and her hit song ‘Wrecking Ball’ while sitting on a huge round buoy. Towering 26 metres above the ground, this new adventure park is a labyrinth of white-knuckle aerial challenges guaranteed to give you the stress sweats. Check it out, MEGA Adventure Australia

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3. Commonwealth Bank RoofClimb

For the serious fans that seek a exhilarating way to experience the footy, why not try the Commonwealth Bank RoofClimb at Adelaide Oval. This spine tingling experience will provide you with both a bird’s-eye view of the game and glorious views across the Adelaide landscape. The only issue is the umpires won’t be able to hear your heckling!

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4. Murray River Canoe Adventure

Experience the high cliffs that flank the rivers edge, or explore some of the many small meandering creeks that lead to spots like Lake Bonney or Loch Luna. You don’t even have to have your own equipment to experience this river adventure. Canoe Adventures can work with you to tailor a package that works within your budget, time and experience. Set out for the weekend or a full week.

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5. Shark Diving

We all know that South Australia’s oceans are home to one of nature’s fiercest predator, the Great White Shark. We have also been told to stay as far away from these magnificent animals as they can cause some serious damage. This is exactly why shark diving has made our list. Get up close and personal from the safety of a purpose built cage and experience the size and strength of one of earth’s strongest predators.

For more information head to the South Australian Tourism Commission.


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