Leviathan: An Astonishing History of Whales


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December 15, 2017 – September 2, 2018 all-day Australia/Adelaide Timezone
South Australian Maritime Museum
126 Lipson St
Port Adelaide SA 5015
South Australian Maritime Museum
08 8207 6255
Leviathan: An Astonishing History of Whales @ South Australian Maritime Museum | Port Adelaide | South Australia | Australia

Leviathan: An Astonishing History of Whales is coming to the South Australian Maritime Museum. This new exhibition straddles the boundary between natural and cultural history. It challenges audiences to look beyond the biological importance of whales and to consider the cultural questions by exploring different viewpoints – unpacking the history of the relationship between humans and whales across time and cultures. Objects linked to both the bloody, visceral history of hunting and processing these giant mammals will be on display, as well as those linked to the movement dedicated to stopping it.

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